Sunday, 25 September 2011

Gender differentiated ideas, because boys and girls really are different!

HE network, law, SEN etc

Group for anyone whose child is taking exams. Highly recommended.

Group for anyone home educating a child with special needs with an incredible range of expertise among its members.

US homeschooling sites with a great range of articles on different approaches. Much cheaper than buying every home education book you can find because you're paranoid about doing a good job.

Lisa's resources page. (I recommend the blog too...)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Things That Don't Fit Anywhere Else

Lists of different holidays and festivals.

Living history events in various areas.

Daily emails for HE ideas

US Primary school website (up to about 11) Some great themed printables and colouring pages.

Free downloadable e books. Also fiction and lots of other stuff.

Free printables and writing sheets
Comic information on hundreds of subjects

Charlotte Mason-style school website with loads of fun interactive activities across the curriculum. Ideal for days where you're tied up with another child or not at your best for whatever reason!

A handy resource for animal projects or for animal mad DC's.

Lapbooking and Unit Studies
Amanda Bennett Unit Studies to buy

Ready to print lapbooks in hundreds of topics

Free unit studies

Lots of free lapbooks here. Many based on FIAR and Sonlight books

Free how to do lapbooking advice

Templates to make your own

Notebooking - some free

Lapbooks to inspire you

Hot to make our own notebooking pages

Lapbook Lessons

Ready to print lapbooks in full colour. Includes Apologia science ones

Knowledge Box Central lapbooks

Sites with National Curriculum information
Nice and clear about what children in the school sector are expected to do at each age. Also some excellent resources.

Contains the statutory programmes of study and attainment for all the Key Stages for England. Great as a starting point to work out what YOU consider important in an education for YOUR child.

Tons of resources here. Shows how the NC could have been made SO much better...

Reading Lists
List by a long time home educator, aimed at fluent readers.

Sonlight reading lists. (Sonlight is a Christian literature based American HE curriculum.)

Business Studies/Economics
Recommended by Elysian - Secondary school level business studies and economics activities and lesson plans. Also with a good blog explaining economic news

Games with an educational content
These are pretty widely available in shops, but this gives free mainland delivery if you spend more than £15 Mine enjoyed 'Slug in a jug' and 'Shopping list'

Free downloadable educational games. Ideal for early years

Bilingual educational games.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Science Links

Real Science 4 Kids, biology, chemistry & physics with extras. Some is available for download & they are very helpful if you email!
Free curriculum and then option to buy further. This is a good freebie!

Full curriculum, different levels, fairly advanced

Will give discount to He'ers. Check content re: human reproduction, the junior version may be more suitable.

Lots of free resources for all KSs

All about cooking

Evolution site

Lots of energy info

Woodland Trust Nature Club for kids. Lots of free activties

Everything a child could ask about a brain. Includes how to make a model brain out of playdough and games

Videos for the periodic table

Robert Krampf

Growing potatoes

Yucky science


Kits to buy from the U.S

Exploring Nature

IGCSE's in Biology and Chemistry

Chemistry guide

Physic's film demonstrations

Chemistry for Kids

Practicals, worksheets etc for GCSE and A level Chemistry



Interactive science and engineering for 9-11 year olds

Physics for kids

Human Body Online

Kids biology


Studying Owl Pellets

Extreme Science

Cool Science


Exploring Leonardo

Geology for Kids

How Stuff Works

Interactive Volcanoes

Free online kids astronomy courses

Science Made Simple

Cosmos For Kids

Astronomy picture of the day

Constellations and their stars

Weather in space

Kids weather

Experiments with sweets

Chemistry courses, among other things
Science site.