English Links

HE English courses, UK based.

Cheaper to buy from Amazon or 3 for 2 in Smiths when on offer, but you can download sample pages and extra practice here to make sure your child likes the approach. Very back to basics, no coloured pages or cute cartoons.

Handwriting worksheet generator

Great supplement to phonics. Thanks, Laura

US site, but VERY comprehensive and free. Thanks, Tina

US English worksheets. Thanks, Tina.

Animated myths and legends from round the world.

Free site for English Lit and Language. GCSE and A -level. Nicely broken down into specific skills.

Free US reading site aimed at 4-8 with support

US creative writing website with part stories to create, weird headline generator and story idea generator. Good for those whose favourite refrain is 'I don't know what to write' and free.

You type in a sentence, it converts all possible homophones. Daft fun and ideal for 'those' days when things aren't going according to plan but you still want to do something educational.