SEN-specific links
Thanks to Tina Creed for this. It's general resources for SEN, and has good games including emotion games that look great for auties and aspies.

Lovely wide range of resources for SEN. Would also be good for confidence building for any child with 'gaps'. Thanks, Tina

Resources to buy and free downloads for children with dyslexia.

Online supplier of a range of resources for children with dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism etc. Also a huge range of resources in the rest of the shop.

Symbol text and flashcards for children. Many free downloads.

Books, games, audio, pen grips, special paper, overlays, line trackers. Pretty close to heaven for anyone with dyslexia or visual processing difficulties and well priced.
SEN printables
Suppliers of books for dyslexics. Printed on cream paper with dyslexia friendly fonts and age appropriate content regardless of reading age.
Dyslexia friendly reading and writing programme.