History Links

Links to sites with good history resources.

history crafts of all kinds.

www.kathimitchell.com/middleages.htm -
Brilliant interactive site. Health warning... once your child gets into the Middle Ages you could be there a long time (We've been there 4 years...)


Very comprehensive US guide to world history. You can buy activity books to go with it.

Historical fiction for children and young adults

History via great books. Excellent reading list

Fascinating reading list. You may want to disable your Amazon account first!

Some fascinating looking resource bundles. Thanks, Tina

KS3, GCSE, AS and A level. On-line history lessons and free downloads. Thanks, Tina.

Victorian Britain as in Industrial Revolution, including railways. Very boy-friendly!

Free history curriculum at grammar and logic stage for ancient, middle ages and modern.  Yearly curriculum, lesson plans and student pages for assignments and copywork


Lots of history activities here covering all eras.